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Posted by on 2011/12/11 under Uncategorized

Ive asked. i asked God, the Universe, the supreme authority whatever you call it i aked it. Why? People. and me? why we feel so empty and dead with nothing to live for. why we search so despertaly for something that we dont know what it is. Why theres this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is wrong. i asked it why sometimes i want to cry and keep crying forever because it makes me feel like im alive and i dont want to go back to the nothingness again. So i asked and kept asking? i dont wwant to distract myself from it anymore. i dont want to hurt other people to make myself feel good. i dont want to be better than anyone to fill the emptyness inside. i want to know why its there and find the truth. the truth to life. and God and everything. I KNow tHERES SOMETHING Thats is so beautiful we will cry because weve been living with this weight that we never knew was there because we got used to it. and once its gone itll be like heaven. hard to imagine but iknow i just know this cant be it. K im glad to get this off my chest i cant tell people they wouldnt listen to me. they wouldnt understand.

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