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im crazy in love 🙂 however my girlfriend lives in london and i live in ireland so i dont get to see her as much as i would like, were together 6 months now and we are both saving our asses off so that we can rent a place together weather it be in london r ireland, at the moment were flying back and forth which at the start was fine but now its almost impossible, it hurts every time we have to say goodbye, its horrible because i can’t always be there for the specal moments like our first valintines day, or christmas, its so upsetting that when she’s upset all i can do is talk to her instead of hold her, r if she has a stressful day in work mmaybe take her out to de stress but all i have is her on the other end of my phone 🙁 were hoping to have enough money sorted by july this year if not im going to borrow the money i really dont care anymore, i no its only 6 months but she’s the one im going to marry i just no it, i really have never felt this way about anyone in my intire life, she makss me feel complete/whole. when im with her nothing else matters its like we are a part of each other its mad, i’ve never known anyone who actually gets me the way she does, my family love her which is saying somthing because they hated all of my ex’s, she’s the most loving, caring, compassionate, intellegent, funny, understanding, sensitive, inspiring, intoxcatingly wonderful person i have ever known and i feel honored to say she is my girlfriend, even though she lives in london she’s been there for me so much in the last 6 months i have had 3 family deaths and i really wouldnt have got through it all without her by my side, she s everything i ever wanted and more and love her more than anything………………….. yet the distance is killing us, its like my heart is being ripped out even thinking about it,

im really hoping the nest 5 months fly in so we can be together propperly.

ok rant over

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