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Posted by on 2011/12/11 under Uncategorized

HEY i googled somwhere to write because i wanted to write down everything in my head i cant say to anyone because then theyll feel responsible for me and i dont want that . i want to be responsible for myself. so my feelings stay silent and i feel like imma blow up. i wanna say it .finally say it. I hate this having no home being in someone elses home. feeling ignored. unwanted and just the lowest. i cant say what i think. i cant talk when i want. all i can do is sit there and wait. i guess i need patience. its temporary till i turn 18 and my crazy mom gives me my papers so i can finnally get a job. crazy b****. i had to get away from her and my family. should i move back with my other family. but they live so far way.

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