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today is the day that i start to appreciate his love and attention and everythign he does for me. i cant believe i have cried like crazy, and have said that i dont want to be with him anymore and i just want to leave…… when i really dont feel like that ……… and he still wants me back every time….. i dont wnat to be like that anymore ….. all i want is to be happy with him, when im with him is different then from any other guy or person that i have ever met. and i want to just leave im crazy ang now i know it and i know what i want today. every day will be happy or at least not as crazy as they have been because of my b*** attitude. so my new daily list of stuff to make sure to do is..1. always wake up and give him a kiss 2. wake up and do i gotta do, do not stay asleep 3. never make ugly comments or faces when driving together 4. have funny conversations or interesting at least 5.remember what he said …its all in your hands if u want to be happy, bc ill always be here waiting to start with u 6. always be happy your self like before like when he met me 7. be clean :/ 8. always relax and do not stress out bc of issues u have with $, family and dumb stuff that cannot be fixed only by me!!!!! stop trying to fix everythign for everyone and make them feel better while i make myself feel horrible stop trying to do everything your self because i am killing my self and end the only one thing that i have that i could not bear to loose STOP!! always relax relax relax dont worry about anything but us… be alwayhs on the look out be the best u can be just for him and you show everyione and i mean everyone who know about all your failures in life that u can do it and be what u have decided to be and make a decent amount of money …. show my baby i can be better for us. be the girl he wants me to be … a succesful chick, who is beautiful and dresses elegant like he always says 🙂 im done needing to cry, im done trying to be ok with everyone their way …………………………………………………and now im done crying about it. like he says if u really want it then do it…….. i will show him i can be…….. i love him and i wont loose him … i can do this ……just RELAX…… and dont be so negative about everything be young and have fun in our young years before we get too old ….. starting today

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