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Posted by on 2011/11/29 under Uncategorized

I hate my mom so much she bullies my brother he is only 10 and s***s him, pulls his hair, whips him, and other bad stuff and today she throughout my brother’s christmas list, which he was working on for a week, and now its gone and i just dont know what to do everyone knows she abuses us but no one says anything the just have to listen or watch us get beaten i hate it. I have this one memory from when i was a child that i was eating waffles with syrup and i guess my mom got mad i dont remember why and the next thing i know is that my face is covered in syrup and waffles and i am sitting outside listening to my mom say that she wants the birds to eat my face and i also just see my sister and dad looking down not doing anything and now that i think about it i could have just run, run and never stop running sometimes when i am home alone i think come on pack a suitcase get food and runaway take some house keys so you could come back and get away, but others i think i cant leave my little brother i always support him when ever my mom is hurting him and i am always there for him not my mom, or dad,or sister me. What should i do?

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