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For Nika:
how much im weak that just by losing you i losed anything
how much im freak when i see i cant have watching you on love with me
i really wanna die but smth is stoping me ,smth that tell me in 1% chance she will back and will be yours again ,but i cant stay patient cause i missed you,my tears come down without any control and im waiting for you but your talking to another guy ,thank you realllyyy thank you after all we loved eachother you left me alone this hard,i just wish one day come and you cry hard to make me forgive you but i know this day wont ever come cause you are gone ,just i dont know what happened sunnenly you lost love on me, really what happened ,just for a sunday ? just that i said you to try to get net for longer time so we can talk longer ? i wont you for longer ,even have you for 30min in day is enophe for me if you would love me and talk to me like our love days,nika im not gonna forgive you ever ,we loved eachother so much,why you did this to our love ,i still cant belive you

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