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Posted by on 2011/11/28 under Uncategorized

nika i dont know what im doing
i wish to tell you stay away from me cause im not this good person anymore
you hurted me so deep ,what you did to me is right like you kicked my face after thoes all happy honest days we passed together
how many times you made me cry and still..
i really wish to get my revenge i really wish to put ur pictures over net to make u sense few pain of what you gave me
i missed that nika so much i really loved you why you did this to me
i still cant belive you gone after this 3month ,you shocked me when suddenly u acted instead ur friend that u accidented and dead
i really wish i could be there and slap ur face too hard for times
i hate you and i loved you , still you make me feel im a dog front of you
and thats smth i hate alot,i cant tell you this sentences but i write here ,cause i need to write it or tell it to someone but after when you gone i saw ppls one after another leaving me even my family 🙁
you complatly distroyed my live ,my wishes ,my feature decides , you took anything from me ,right now my stomach pain i cant walk goodly cause i was hunger lately i couldnt eat and my face is wet ,i feel so bad ,i just wish one day i come to you and distroy smth in ur live to feel better
see what u did with ur parsa ,that kind parsa that romantic parsa that sweet funny parsa u was calling now is someone that is feeling to revenge you
i wont forget this days , i wont forget what you did to me ,i wont forget ever you promissed me if one day u did decide as 1% chance as ur said ,then to leave me slowly cause i said you that im sensitive person and i get hit so easy ,but you didnt care ? or what ,or that u tell it wonted help any ? yes to you it wonted but to me ? when u gone for 2week fully i was in shock i just was beging you stoneheart, what you think you are ,i really wish to punch ur face hard to make u understand ur just a human nothing else but if i cant or if while im talking to you as just a friend i talk to you like still yours queen and im nothing ,its becouse i loved you ,i really dunno what to do ,im feeling so much pain ,stay for the day i get my revenge back ,stay and see that how hard i will bring this all painfull days for you ,then you will understand what mean soul pain .

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