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so this boy i kind of like him and i kind of dont…so i first start talking to him and we talked for two months then we had sex and after it happened we didnt talk for like a week (he says because i didnt call him) so we start talking again and me and my sister went over his house and me and him were kissing and stuff and then he walked us home when we got home my sister texted his cousin who he was with to tell him not to text the phone back cuz it wasnt hers and i told her to tell the other boy to call me tomorrow and he was like he said we shouldnt talk no more cuz he has a girlfiend so we stop talking then a couple days later he calls me and says i made a mistake i still want to talk talk to you so we start talking again after every body told me not and now a couple weeks ago he was acting childish saying i was stalking him and stuff so i stop talking to him then yesterday he call but i didnt answer because i was sleeping now today one of his friends wrote me and asked me if i had sex with him but i didnt reply back i feel thats really wrong for him to be tellin his friends he had sex with me and it makes me mad a little bit but after all that i still want to talk to him because i just liked his persanonality but i dont want him to think he can just dog me like that and it be okay cuz its not and i just dont know what to do its all these mixed emotions and its confusing me..i just dont know what to do should i call him and say something let him call me or just leave him alone!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Parsa says:

    he is a abuser !
    he dont have any respect on you
    i dont say that you are good ,no your not too cause you gave your body you know him for this short time ??
    and even if you know him for long you must would be sure that he loves you ! but nevermind at this moment i wont blame you cause u need help
    listten he is an abuser guy who when got used you for his fun he gonna leave you like he did for near a week right ?
    he even gone with another girl and then back to you ,why ? cause he missed ur body ? ofc he did missed ur body not you
    look untill now you did alot of childish big mistakes ,but since now go on and dont mistake like that
    kick him off from ur live but dont be bad with him cause he will tell anyone about sex with you and that you was a b**** or smth like that ( sorry i dont mean bad ) but dont give key of ur body this easy to any stupid driver ,give yourself understand you have some worth for urself .
    anyway if you had any question ,im here to answer you
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected]

  3. Fear of the next Move says:

    i Say Play with him, mess with his head then make him feel what you fewlt, I know its Stupid to go as Low as he did, But this is worth it, he diserves it
    I love helping, and i have more Advise if you dont want that one xD
    contact me through E-mail:
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected]

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