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OH MY GOSH – Okay; you asked me what’s up; ‘cos I looked down and sad, and I said I didn’t want to talk about it; I was fine. You persisted. I said no, really. You PERSISTED. So, I wrote out the whole damn thing for you, the thing that spanned three days including my confession to being bulimic and my best friend’s depression that I haven’t really told anyone about. You take the note and say NOTHING. FOR TWO DAYS. And then you message me asking if you’ve told me that you like someone – NO YOU HAVEN’T; HAVE I MENTIONED I’M BULIMIC, MY BEST FRIEND/LOVER IS DEPRESSED AND WANTS TO LET ME GO BECAUSE OF IT?! HAVE I MENTIONED THAT MY PARENTS DON’T KNOW WHO I AM AND THINK I’M A STUDENT AND NOTHING MORE?!?! I’ve been dying inside for MONTHS and hid it from you, and when you finally get me to open up, you do NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You said you’d listen, and you didn’t care what it was; YOU’D LISTEN.
Well you lied. And that hurts. So I’ll play along…who is it that you like, my friend?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps it’s just that he… understands?

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