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We met when I was playing in the pit and he was stage manager. All of the cast felt to important to come down and talk to us musicians. Except him and the stage crew. They all laughed at their naive thinking and promised me they would never become like them. We played pranks on the cast and laughed and joked. He never judged me or make fun of me. We were working in the same environment for a few weeks and in the days leading up to the performances we were closer than ever. Her helped me when I was feeling nervous about the show and I loved it when he made jokes through the conductors radio and I could hear them as I was a first violinist and was closer to our conductor. We had mini briefings after each show and before each show to know what we did well and how to improve further for the next performance. He made sly comments towards the snobby cast and congratulated the orchestra on their ‘brilliant work’. He was funny, creative and really cheeky. He turned into more than a best friend that summer, but little did I know that I would be seeing a lot more of him at school in my next year. He was going to be my math teacher. I knew things would have to change as soon as I walked into my maths class and saw him standing behind his desk. I knew he l liked maths.. but I didn’t think he liked it that much….

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