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Posted by on 2011/02/01 under Uncategorized

i wish you would just shut up about your weight. everyone knows you are skinny, we are all aware of that without you going on about it all the time. “and everyone keeps saying i should put weight on” etc etc. and i’m just SO SICK OF IT. and dont tell me that i’m not understanding becuase you know exactly what my family has been through when it comes to eating disorders. so if you have actual f***ing problem then just go see a f***ing doctor. talk to your parents. ok? dont drop hints 24/7 about how skinny you are because frankly if you fish for one more compliment from me i might snap. its just so frustrating and you think everyone wants to be all skinny like you and i dont!
and all the guys are so happy to compliment you and flirt with you, but they have no idea how fake and self-absorbed and attention craving you are. you’re shallow and image obbessed and you think your life is the worst thing anyones ever been through.

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