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Dad, I miss you so much! I wish I could see you often. I wish you didn’t have schizophrenia… Maybe I would’ve been able to know more about you. Even though, I barely know you, I still have a few memories of you. Most of them aren’t good, but I know it’s not your fault that you have a mental disorder and I still love and miss you so much. You don’t know how much I think about you every day. Or how jealous I get when I hear one of my friends talk about her dad and how she’s a “daddy’s girl.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom with all of my heart and my stepdad is pretty cool, but I wish I could talk to you. Tell you my dreams, how my life has been, and learn about you and your life. Sometimes I get really mad at myself because I had the opportunity to talk and get to know you, but I was too much of a coward to talk to you. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if you died and I never got the chance to talk to you. I hate thinking about that, but, honestly, I would hate myself if that ever happened. Because, like I said, I had the opportunity to talk to you and I was too scared. I feel like it’s kind of my fault that I don’t know you that well.There’s so much more that I would like to say, but for right now all I can say is that I love and miss you… And
I hope to meet you someday very soon. <3

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