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i was 15 when i started working.., job, studies, family responsibilities..,supporting family in all of that i forgot to make friends…now if i look at myself 26 years old.., i am so alone ..don’t even have single friend to talk…every week i open some social network account hoping that i will find some to talk…but people are too busy with their own lives…or may be no buddy wanna talk to some pathetic person who don’t have life…when i was young i always wanted two things…laptop and a car…but never had one…back in the day…when i left my university went to 1st job then 2nd job…after university and two job…i was going home it was around 1:00 AM…i use to stop at the computer shop everyday which was closed…i always stand and saw Pentium-II laptop 🙂 there’s was lot of nice and expensive laptops but i always saw that one coz it was cheap and i thought i would buy that one day…today i have one of the expensive laptop in market…,but i don’t like it anymore…i have 2011 model car which i also don’t like to drive…i always wanted a car but never wanted to drive alone…,i always wish for all those things which i have now…but not the way it is…if i look at the people around me of my age they look and sound so young…the way they talk i love them…i have really deep voice…which some people really like but i don’t…i started living for others and i forget to live my own everyday is just same…wake up in a morning..,enter in the kitchen..,turn on the coffee maker…put bread in the toaster…then go for shower came back to kitchen..,had breakfast..,get ready for office then standing in front of same mirror knot a tie…grab the keys…here i go…my house is like no buddy even live there..everything is place was year before…its like one of the decoration homes designers shows you in catalogs..,how did i get here,what have i done wrong? reading and writing make me more sick…it’s been four years i didn’t took vacations…whenever i plan for vacations i thought where will i go…with whom..if i am gonna live in a hotel with walls and roof ..its a same thing i am living.

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