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i just wanted to know does he really loved me or wanted me just to have me…!!!
i feel if u love someone u try to understand them,,not just ignore or overlook things,, u dnt run away from them..:(
I love u badly….i m a kind of girl who dont use to beleive in love, but because of u i started getin into love..i did’t realized wen i became sooooo serious for u…but i think dat thing became headache for u…u ignored me took me for granted…dat is not acceptable by me..

initially whenever v use to fight u was d one to end d fight..but slowly d role of performance changed whenever v had fight even if d mistake is not mine i m d person who will say sorry or i will try to make things normal…!!! I i feel it was my mistake taking a step to settle things down…u stared treatin me like,,i will come back to you even u will say bad things to me because u have understood i have started loving u more then you love nehow i will come back to you. but every person hav a limit to…bear the insult…!!!!! and mine has reached…so thanku for showing ur kind interest in me nd lots of things,,in which i never had interest.
thanku for doing so many favours to me i was really impressed by your performance 10/10. but by d time u stopped performing ur marks were very low…!!

i cant make me feel “i m becoming for granted things in someone’s life i love badly..”
its better god should keep me single..i have nowhere to go no one to speak about this but i hope somehow that person will come to know dat how does it feel like when u get HURT…!
i also wish that people reading this,,,if in there life they are treating there loved one like above should change before its toooo late….


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