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Posted by on 2011/11/10 under Uncategorized

I keep thinking that im the worse friend although im not i call i text im the first person to be there for them and yet im nothing to them it makes me feel so alone they say oh ill text you or o lets hang out only to never get a text a call or anything back then i find out later they all ditched me to go to an awsome party or they had better things to do i dont know what to do anymore i wish someone would actually see me as the good person i am i recently had a friend tell me you never text or call me and u call urself a friend fyi i did call her every single day and she always said o im busy even tho she wasn’t i started feeling almost desperate but realized i could never go to that level cause i would only find myself feeling worse my boyfriend spends all day away only to come home too tired to hang out or anything i just need someone to talk to who gets me feeling lonley and actually being lonley are two different things yet i feel both iv come to the conclusion that i must be a complete loser thank you, so called friends for not being there for me thank you for making me feel the way i do and most importantly wasting such a great friend

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