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It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but then I came home, and my mother had told me something…something that no one would expect at all. He was gone… I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything right at that moment.. All I had where my thoughts.. That Tuesday, the whole family was downstairs, and Mom, my sister and I were dressed up in these fancy clothes. Dad looked nice too. He was the one who drove us to the place. When we all had got there, we each had a rose. I didn’t want to take it, but if i had not, then there would be no true final goodbye. It was just the family at the moment. There was about 15 of us standing, slightly facing down, and having our silent prayers. It was now time to set my rose, on my dead Grandfather. I was afraid to do it, for reasons I couldn’t think of. And no tears were yet shed through the short amount of time. But then my own Father began to break down.. crying. That’s when I began. Never in my life had I ever seen my own dad, have water dripping down from his eyes.

Even though this had happened quite a while ago. These memories will never leave. I dont want them to. They are my gift left behind by such a wonderful man.

Rest in Peace Pappy Bert. Love and Miss you! <3

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