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Posted by on 2014/08/13 under Uncategorized

Confidence is a difficult thing to get my head around. They say practice makes perfect and that u need to work at it maybe I give up too easy. I still feel the fear of talking to people and being judged. Same feeling of years ago. I have so many battles going on within me and I swear I will always win. How can people ‘fake’ confidence for as long as they do. How is it when I speak the words sound silly and blurted but when everyone else talks they do so naturally. Is it to do with social skills? Was I like this always or did someone come into my life cause this constant uncertainty? I know there has to be a remedy and I dont know what to do. Sometimes I wonder if I am depressed because lately there is this lingering unhappiness I describe it to people as a constant sense of apathy, a closed off feeling for any good experiences. Disconnection in my life. A blackness. Make it go away!

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