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Posted by on 2014/08/12 under Uncategorized

I’ve been talking to this guy recently and i totally want it to stay a friendly relationship but i can feel myself starting to go into that thing that happens when i start to like someone. I am pretty sure he has no feelings for me.
The thing is, i find myself more and more willing to do things he wants to do, like what he likes, etc. Up to the point where i found myself completely willing to try cigarettes if he was going to start. This moment really put it in perspective, how far am i willing to go just to make myself more like him? Bear in mind, this is largely an unconscious decision because i know i genuinely am interested in these things now. I suppose it’s a part of human nature, or at least my nature, to subtly change one’s self to match that of the person we are interested in. That’s how i can tell i actually like him, rather than what i am consciously trying to make myself believe.
At this point, i am attempting to reflect on my choices and way of thinking. Attempting to sort out what is my own beliefs and what are not. I just needed somewhere to write it all down.

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