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My heart literally hurts and it all started when we broke up…I can’t stop crying it’s been a week and I’ve been in pain every day it hits me the most late at night, what is this and what can I do to get rid of this pain

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember when the love of my life let me go. I told him that he had the key to my heart. Apparently, that was more than he felt he could handle at the time. Plus, he wanted the chance to explore others.
    I still remember it has if it just happened. I wanted him back, but it wasn’t going to happen. I cried, it seemed, forever. My mom and sister tried to just give me my space.
    When I saw him talking with someone else, it hurt bad and anger set in. But, how much I was in love with him was always there.
    Somehow, we/I got through all of that. It took our entire high school years. Whenever we crossed paths later, we always spoke and it was nice/pleasant. Even after I was married we wrote letters and he dropped by the house a few times.
    If he ever wanted to get back together, I probably would have dropped everything to be with him again. I loved him that much. Just getting to be in the same space with him, seeing him, talking with him could be enough. I didn’t know you could love another person so much.
    Some years later, when he was married and with two kids…he took his own life.
    Real love is hard. Getting over something takes more time. It took me years to get over him leaving me. Keeping a friendship with him helped ease that. When he left this world, I was broken all over again.
    I had thought my heart had been broken before, as they say…but, his leaving literally hurt my heart. He took a piece of it with him. Some people are just more special to us than others.
    Your heart will hurt for as long as you feel it needs to. All you can do is try to move on the best you can. Take the time you need but don’t let it keep you down for good.

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