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I always always get attached to people who do not appreciate me being in their lives. For example.. As a kid, there was this girl whom I used to call my best friend. She left no chance to insult me for the whole 6 years of us being friends. It took me much courage to leave her. I hate her now. Then, I started talking to this guy who was least interested in my life. I started liking him and he totally ignored me. He is still alive in my subconscious mind. He still ignores me. Then there was this friend that I made. I had huge hopes. Like HUGE! I thought I’ll finally get someone to talk about the stuff going in my life. But we ended up talking about only his problems. I do not demand anything. Just a bit time for me and my life. But he doesn’t have that. He doesn’t appreciate me. And I still like to talk to him. Even though it is rare and he hardly gets time for me. I just want you people to see that I Exist too! I always care for you doesn’t mean that I don’t need care at all. I too want people to share my sadness and happiness. But I always get attached to people who do not care about me at all. The question is.. Am I stupid enough to go fall in a ditch again and again? Or is it like I don’t deserve a person who will ever like me?

3 thoughts on “Am I stupid? Or undeserving?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kindness is very a rare thing, my friend. So are good souls like you. But do not feel sad or stupid for that. And be the way you are, but do not let others take advantage of your kindness. Be an example for many, be proud of who you are. And stay happy.
    Also, dont try and forget people. The more you try, the more you will remember. So, take your time. Let the wounds heal.
    Take Care.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much.

      1. Anonymous says:

        your welcome.

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