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Am I not good enough? Do I not have feelings and emotions? Why do I feel so out if place? This feeling of inadequacy leaves me wondering so much of the time. Not skinny enough, smart enough,rich enough, worthy enough, heard and understood enough,social enough. I feel as if I am drowning. Doesn’t matter what i do I always have the feeling of not enough. Stressed and emotionally drained. Sinking fast and can’t catch my breath. Do know what to do. I fear losing you and you don’t seem to care? What can I do to change who I am? Is there light at the end if this tunnel? Am I slipping into a perilous universe where it won’t really matter anyway to anyone? Never have been good enough for “friends” and family.

One thought on “not enough?

  1. Anonymous says:

    stay strong!!!!!!! you’re never alone 🙂 🙂

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