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What did i do to set you off? Just 3 hours before you left me, we were absolutely fine. I thought everything was going back to normal. I thought you loved me and would never stop. I was ready to give myself to you. I was so in love with you. I still am. What did i do that made you not want me, or need me, anymore? Is it that im not skinnier than all the other girls? Is it that my face is blemish free like all the other girls? What is if that made you stop loving me? Do you even miss me? I miss you everyday. I sleep with pictures of us at night, and looking at your smiling face in those pictures makes me look back on the time that you were genuinely happy. And that makes me cry my eyes out because i know that im the one who, somewhere along the way, ruined your happiness. Its the absolute worst feeling to lay here, awake at night, thinking about everything you used to feel for me. What did i do wrong? I cam still feel your arms around me, holding me tight. I can still hear your heartbeat, from when i used to lay on your chest. Its like i can still feel your warmth in my bed. I can still smell you all over the clothes that you gave me, even though ive washed them multiple times. I tell myself everyday not to bother you with a text message, and not to bug you by asking if you still need me.. But i give in everytime. I know i bug you. I can hear it through your texts. I wish i had more willpower. My biggest fear is that if i do stop texting you.. You wont miss me, youll be relieved and ill be that much easier to forget. I lie awake at night, looking through old pictures, rewatching cute videos, and i can feel your kisses on my neck, and your mouth near mine, when we played silly games like ‘see who gives in to kissing first’ and then wed makeout like crazy when one of us would give in. Id give anything to feel your breath on my mouth. Id do anything to feel that feeling of not knowing whos breath i was breathing anymore. I wish you missed me like i miss you. I wish you wanted me back. I wish you needed me in your life like i meed you in mine. I hope everything works out in the end with us. I hope you realize you love me amd comeback. But i need to prepare myself for when you dont.. And when im left standing there, with all our memories.. I still need you. Im so in love with every little thing about you. I pray all the time that youll come back to me. Please come back. I love you.

One thought on “Love?

  1. elihex says:

    awwwwwww same here. I also wish he’ll come back me. I wish they’ll come back to us 🙁 🙁

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