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I recently started talking to this new guy, he is sweet, funny, laid back, and very cute. However, I can’t figure him out. He says he likes me but he doesn’t quite show it; it really doesn’t take much to keep me happy; all I want is to see the person, a phone call or two once in a while, and a response to my texts IN A TIMELY MANNER.

This dude took 6 days to answer one of my texts, by the time he responded I had long deleted his number. He left me replaying our last conversation and thinking what the hell did I say or do wrong? and if I had said something he didn’t like he should have been decent enough to tell me straight up instead of not replying. Anyways, when he finally did answer all he said was “so sorry, I have been working so much. It’s been from work to bed and vice-versa” we texted a bit after that and I told him how I felt, he said that he likes me and wants to “keep me around”, I asked him what that meant and 3 days later still no response!!!! I understand that he works and he’s tired but to take so many days to respond to a text is a bit ridiculous. If he likes me as much as he says he does he should want to talk to me and make the effort to do so. The weirder thing is that before he used to call me all the time from work, and text me throughout the day, and then it just abruptly stopped; why is he so much busier now at work when it’s the same everyday? I am so confused, my pride is telling me to just drop him, but I don’t know if I should wait around a little longer.

When it comes to relationships with men I don’t know if I’m looking for something serious or not, but I know I’m definitely not looking for someone who doesn’t want to talk to me or be around me often; even if it’s just friends with benefits I want someone who cares for me. I don’t do one night stands or f*** buddies, I want to have a connection and communication whether I am in a committed relationship or not.

One thought on “Show me that you like me, or else how am I supposed to know?

  1. anounymous says:

    Hi Anounymous

    I understand your problem like no one else becuase I’ve been through this too.
    I also met a guy and we texted kinda often. We saw each other like 2 times a week. He began to feel something, me too. We were (are)together, without any complications because he just asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend… But when we were a month together, he kinda stopped texting. He also responded my texts late and I also said to myself that if he would really love me, he would text me back, even if he’s in a hurry or something. But I really loved him… so I couldn’t let him go, so I just told myself that it would change. And untill this moment now, I just learned to live with it and accepted that he has to work much. And that defenately was the right choice, because even he responds late, he tells me he loves me and he tells me he’s sorry that he answered that late.. and I think that’s the most important thing.. so if I was you, I’d just stay with him and try to live with the fact that he just doesn’t really likes to text, like my guy 🙂 (plan B: just ask him how he feels about you) hope you are helped now.. x

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