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Ever wondered how we came to be? Don’t you question it? I know I do. Everyday a new question comes to mind and I fond myself in the predicament that I don’t have the slightest idea what the answer is. I wouldn’t really say I am a very religious person, but I am to an extent. I can’t help but question the bible though, the bible says we came from Adam and Eve. Scientists found evidence that dinosaurs roamed the earth over 60 million years ago, yet the church says that is nonsense. So many questions swirl around my head but I can’t seem to find the answers, and I’m starting to question if the world will ever come to a conclusion. Dinosaurs roamed the land, then a big meteor came the volcano erupted and killed them all to extinction. People have found fossils, and say that we still have creatures among us that are relatives to those that lived long ago. The Crocodile, the bird, the lizard even a shark, these all came from their ancestors, even though there is more it’s a long list. So we have proof, concrete, right before our eyes, touchable, yet the church tells us to turn our heads. Now, with Adam and Eve, we all came from them, some church’s say that women suffer during child birth because of what Eve did, or some just say “It is the way of the lord”. So, now the Bible, it was written as time went on, yes? Ok, any big event they would right it down. Now I wonder, if they wrote the Bible as they went, they weren’t really present but they have witnesses, correct? Now, if your aware about how rumors start, think about this, rumors, they start out one way but at the end of the day they have a whole different, twisted story from where you started. You could tell someone, I went on a date with this guy, by the time it gets back to you, other people would’ve added things just to twist it and make it “Juicier”. Is the Bible any different? Yes, I know most of the stuff in the book has to be real, but how much of it is? That is my question. I’m religious, but to an extent, but I also believe in the big bang theory. When I question, all I get as a response is…Curiosity Killed the Cat.

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