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High school is a strange and scary place filled with stupid drama, annoying grades, unforgettable experiences, very different people, and choices. Many many choices. From what you’re going to wear to school to what colleges to apply to; choices are made every second of the day. Most students didn’t know what choice to make and were constantly changing their minds. For me, well, I thought I had made one choice and that was it. I made the choice to focus all my energy on theatre and Drama Club. That was my entire life. Forget about my grades, my friends that weren’t into theatre, sports, nothing else mattered except theatre. That’s the path I chose.
I had it all figured out. I was going to the stage manager for the high school Drama Club and go to Wagner College on Staten Island for Stage Management and Playwrighting. While I was in college I was going to spend most of my time in Central park and ‘accidentally’ bump into a famous Broadway direct/playwright. We’d get talking and he/she would go give me a job. Before I knew it I would be working my way up in the Broadway world and win several Tony awards and have a theatre named after me and a super popular musical about my life. Well……. none of that happened. In fact, just the opposite happened.
I chose to cut myself off from all that was non-theatre. My junior year in high school I chose to try and reconnect myself with the rest of my school. One of the best decisions I could’ve made for myself. I found myself enjoying my life outside of the stage. I was friends with more people and my grades were better. Most importantly, I was happy. And then I rediscovered my love for football. I started watching it again and suddenly, I knew more about the game and my favorite team than my brother did. I could name players quicker than I could name my cousins’ names. However, while I was so focused on football, I didn’t let consume my life. I had already been done that path and learned my lesson. I became this theatre loving, football fanatic. And that’s when I started to find out who the real me was. I no longer based my judgements off Broadway musicals but instead I used my experiences from the Drama Club and the high school football team to think more carefully about the situations I was facing. Those experiences are what led me to my new home… Kent State University. They’re what led me to be a film intern for the football team. And they’re what led me to happiness. It’s confusing and frankly, I’m not even sure if I completely understand the transformation I went through. What I do know is I thought I had made the right choice. God had a different plan and taught me that I’m not always right. I make my own choices but they may not be what He has in mind. I’m so glad I learned that lesson. Now, I can move on from my Tony-winning Broadway director dreams and chase my new dream- being the first female coach of the NFL! Hey, a girl can dream! 🙂

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