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Posted by on 2014/08/07 under Uncategorized

I may be going on some phase but all I know is that I hold very strong feelings for him. All I want is a second chance. God, if you give me another chance, I can’t promise to be obedient all the time, but I will try to be. You’ll see a difference.. I promise.

I was never one to express my emotions. The only reason I’m writing this right now is because I’m anonymous and its 1:30 am and all I could think about is him. Sometimes I wonder if people have gone through the feelings I’m going through. I know that eventually they probably forgot about that certain person and moved on but… I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s a chance that I could be with him.

…. I don’t even want to be with him. I mean.. I don’t care if we’re in a romantic relationship. All I want is to be someone important to him. Like a bestfriend… or a f*** buddy. I don’t know. Even if I had a chance to be with him, I have trouble trusting people and I get paranoid. I always think that I’m never going to be with anyone. Anyways, I’m just writing to get my feelings off. And if you ever read this Ben Minci.. I want you to know that at one point, you were considered the world to someone and I hope it makes your day better. Take a guess who I am.

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