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I need someone to rescue, for I am lost in a place that is not like my own, I am trap, it is cold and dark inside of here , lost in a love that is so old it start in elementary school, I was new to the city, his smile was so bright , he had a twinkle in his eyes that lighten my nights, we became lovers and by graduation time i was pregnant didn’t even get the chance to tell him , after graduation he went away, baby was born but didn’t live to long, i live with the hurt and the pain i had to deal with it all alone, no him insight oh how i long just to hear his voice , feel his touch, so almost 19 years has pass and i found him on Facebook , i have become his Facebook stalker and he don’t even know it, i see he has a son now and i found myself warning what our child would have look like i remember my son eyes from the moment when he looked at me , my found myself still in love with this guy but afraid to tell him, i mean think about we was so young only in the 8th grade we had to go where ever our parents went, all-tho we never broke up nut yet we grew up, a friend of mines told me, that he is the reason why i never love anyone after him, i never stop loving him boy do i need someone to rescue me, i want him in my life right here by my side i would love his child as if he was apart of me ,beside i have my own and i would want him to love them unconditionally as if they was his own , now how did i do this you say?, did i even love the man i had children with? to answer that i would have to say hell no i didn’t i wasn’t even faithful to him because he was not who i wanted him to be… omg i need somebody to rescue me , i am still today in love with this man i want him so bad just to hear his voice feel his touch and have him hold me again will make my life complete, what should i do , how do i get over him if i cant have him please God help me somebody needs to rescue me

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