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Sometimes I wonder why some people always need to stick to other people. I simply can’t understand why they think being together means everything will be great. I see too many people arguing, betraying each other and some simply don’t get along. I still can’t believe why many people think it is good to be with people all the time. I mean, there are benefits of being with people, but there are also drawbacks. I just don’t understand why people just emphasize the good points and ignore the disadvantages. I think no one would understand me because I honestly think people usually bring me more trouble and pain than support. The negative side hits harder than the positive side. No one can be trusted anyway.

2 thoughts on “I can’t understand

  1. Anonymous says:

    there’s bad apples everywhere and good apples everywhere, sometimes concentrations of bad apples are at an incredible rate because of being surrounded by bad apple, it is hard to find a patch of good apples but till you find it, stick to yourself learn to scan people’s intensions and give the benefit of doubt to the new coming apples and remember to keep being a positive apple even though it’s hard the world needs happy people to spread the smiles

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your words.

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