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there’s this boy who goes by the name Kai. but is otherwise known as kim jongin. and I admire him a lot. hes a 22 year old who’s been dancing for practically his whole life. people may think it’s easy for him to be able to dance so well because he was “born with talent” but he tells us “no.”
he tells us he practiced for hours on end to perfect and improve and progress.

in a recent interview with sehun and him, I found myself admiring every word he spoke. now bear in mind, I’m a sehun stan. but jongin’s words forever resonate in my head. he was asked various question and his answers told me a great deal about himself. when asked about the preference of books, he said that he likes reading book because he didn’t have many friends during high school due to his shy persona. he used to go to the library to occupy himself. whereas sehun said he had many friends despite transferring schools frequently so there wasn’t/isn’t really a connection with him and books. from that, I gathered that sehun is a very sociable person, he must have been a popular kid at school. whereas jongin is an introvert and has learnt to spend time by himself, indulging himself in him and his own world. I see a lot of jongin in myself.

the first time when I truly admired him was hearing him on a radio show. he was asked “what would you see when you reach the top of the mountain”
and he replies
“I will see the summit of another higher mountain.”
those words really touched my heart, especially coming from a 22 year old.
another time when he swept me off my feet once again was when he was in a very short documentary with his best friend, taemin. he was asked why he didn’t lose faith or give up being a dancer or something along those lines. and he replied whenever he thought he wanted to give up, he would remind himself whay his intentions were in the first place and what he goals were. and that strong mentality got him to where he is now. being known as the main dancer in exo, possibly the most popular boy group in korea right now?

and this is why I would like to thank kim jongin for being one of the biggest inspirations to me.

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