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Honestly I feel like I don’t enjoy almost anything this world has to offer, well besides history.
I like horseback riding I love everything and anything medieval, I love Shakespeare.
WTF is twerking? WHYYYYYYY!
Why can’t we just dance by the fire or to Celtic music?
I should have been born when Robyn Hode was around, I’d have been his follower or his sidekick; just like little John.
We would’ve took out prince John and the sheriff of Nottingham AND I would’ve hooked him up with Maiden Marion!
I would like to have been born when the Saxons were around, f***ed their s*** up with King Arthur by my side.
Me and Bors would have been best friends and we would have DEMOLISHED every single one of our enemies, including traitor ass Lancelot and hoe ass Guinivere.
I could have been Joan of Arc.
Led my people to battle, help them win… I would have avoided the whole staking part though.
She was too young for that. I don’t belong here.

2 thoughts on “Do I even belong in this era?

  1. buffalobill21 says:

    Who are you banksxo? And why does everyone look forward to your posts?

    1. WHOisbanksxo says:

      I am banksxo. Leader of the People. LOL, no one looks forward to my posts buffalobill21. It’s all in your head, goodbye friend. 🙂

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