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Posted by on 2014/08/04 under Uncategorized

F***ing hell…. I’m such a mess and no one sees it.. I honestly don’t even know why I’m here… Because I wake up at 12 in the afternoon and do nothing, being at home opens my eyes.. I don’t do anything and I don’t make anyone happy so why am I here??? I don’t know I’m just sad all the time but I f***ing hide it and put is away so no one knows… But on the inside I feel like s***… So I’m so so so sorry for all the things I’ve done I was never meant to hurt no one. and I just don’t know anymore… I’m lost and I’m all by myself.

One thought on “I don\’t know :(

  1. No one says:

    Not alone… Never truly alone, just depends on weather you’re willing to let anyone in… If not, the burdens become heavier, then you will start to blame yourself… Even though it isn’t your fault… And it will make you angry that you are unable to blame others it will become conflicting and painful… Turning into sadness… And anger and sadness, will turn into sorrow, and the soul will get heavier… And it will hurt, and you will think the words “if only” or “what if” and “why didn’t i” but if you breath, and except it, it becomes something that you are… And it strengthens you heart with was born in glass… That is what it means to be a glass heart, beautiful and fragile, and able to understand the sadness of others… It hurts to hurt others, it hurts to hurt yourself, feeling happy feels guilty, and you sink further into pain… But maybe I am wrong mabe you are different, and all you need is a freinds hand.. And a strangers ear, and you will be ok…

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