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we all know what the social ladder is. Its something made to judge people.
in the bottom there are the clumsy nerds, in the middle there are normal people with a limited amount of friends and here is the popular guys and then right on top there is the queen bee
she is too popular for anything so mean and stuff.
Me? well i started from the bottom and here i am.
I was bullied and teased alot previously so I decided to change.
good change ? bad change? i dont really know
so first of all i started exercising alot (not really just a bit) i didnt do it to lose weight because i was already thin i did it because i wanted to be athletic and fit so i can be at my school’s basketball team and lets say it payed off 🙂
I began to hang out with one of the popular girls she was the best friend of the queen bee
I became friends with all the queen bee’s bestfriends
it payed off because i started hanging out with the queen bee herself and became popular.
nice or bad change?
my attitude with people changed but i am not mean.

2 thoughts on “The social ladder

  1. Ariel says:

    Nice change. As long as you are not mean, then you are a different kind of popular than the queen bee. She is controlling popular, and you are accepting popular. She will do everything to get power, and she will go farther than anyone else to be the best. But you, the accepting popular, you are different. You were named popular, you did not name yourself. You accepted it. If you are nice to others, they will be nice to you. But if this controlling popular queen bee is your best friend, people might assume you’re controlling popular too. Make sure they know the difference.

  2. Just thirteen says:

    Make some friends with every “ring” of the ladder. Even tho’ there will always be that one snarky chic and her tripod, what do you care right? And besides geeks are pretty funny people 🙂

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