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I don’t know world. I’m so lost. I just want to ball up and cry and forget everything. I won’t lie, I sometimes wish that I would get into a big accident and lose all my memories. It’s so hard to be that outstanding girl in everyone’s mind. I’m so tired….
My parents are arguing day and night and they blame me for their reason of not getting a divorce. My ex led me onto thinking that we will get back together, but he’s simply pushing me away again. My school work is stressing me out. Right now, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I should do. I want to live….I want to be happy because my grandma wants me to grow into a successful woman to make my deceased grandpa proud. I told myself that I wouldn’t cry, but what am I suppose to do. I don’t even have anyone to turn to and release ALL of my feelings. Nobody. I want to be strong. it’s just so hard for me. everything. I’m really really tired of trying and stressing. I just want it to all end. I want to forget. I want to escape. I’m tired.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    we are a lot alike surprisingly,
    my parents went through a divorce recetnyl and there reasons to stay together was so that me and my siblings wouldn’t be separated and we grow up with bith parents well I told them I would rather deal with them being happily seprated then dealing with listening to them argue every nigh and worried about them 24/7 and luckily they finally listened to all of us and got a divorce was it hard to accept at the age of 18 of coarse I grew up all my life with them but now I see there so much happier without eachother and ur never the blame there just loking for an excuse so don’t think of yourself as a reason cuz your not as for your ex if he leads you on and off then get rid of him less stress and no more games of playing with your heart and its not something you should have to go through as for school get help ask for help if you need it im sure there teachers that can help you out if you just speak up… and find something your good at and relaxes you and take some time to take a step back and breath you have so much going on sometimes its okay to just get away for an hour and breath and just realx everything will work out eventualy it just might take some time longer then you think or shorter then you tought

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