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Posted by on 2014/08/03 under Uncategorized

I think I really miss him, my ex; yet I hate him so much for breaking my heart. I don’t what to feel anymore. He leads me on and then he pushes me away. I think i’m really depressed and sometimes I just wish it all ends.

One thought on “Frustration

  1. Anonymous says:

    it does all end as soon as you let go of him and dcont give him the satisfaction of letting him in and out of your life tell him to choose either hes in 100% or get the hell out of it comletly because it sounds like your a sweet person who just doesn’t know how to shut someone out and trust me im the same way but ive learned after plenty of shut outs that you deserve better for you and your heart and so what if he isn’t the guy for you theres so many more amzing people out there waiting to meet you one day so cheer up and smile and move on from the past and look to your future

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