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Posted by on 2014/08/03 under Uncategorized

A guy started talking to me online, we got really close, he told me i was beautiful, had an amazing personality and that he would love to date me.
We agreed to meet and go and watch a film together and get something to eat.
But, because I wasn’t the perfect picture he had seen on my social media, he showed no interest in me. I’m sorry i cant walk around with an instagram filter over me and good lighting. Everyday we are fed with false images from the media, making it seem the norm for girls to look like that. This guy has since ignored me, the guy who used to make the conversation, the guy i told secrets, the guy who said i was beautiful,the guy i fell in love with has just cut me out, all because I’m not perfect.

2 thoughts on “\’Perfection\’

  1. Anonymous says:

    well guess what ? he is not perfect,you are not perfect, I am not perfect because nobody is perfect. People are backstabbers and some people wont like you for who you are because they only care about looks not your actual personality. Yeah you are right you cant walk around with instagram filters ! You have two things to do right now
    1. totally forget about him and let go
    2. change yourself for him (makeup or stuff i dont know but
    which one would you choose?
    if i were you i would let go
    i wont change myself for someone like that.

  2. Just thirteen says:

    Well he’s just an (excuse my language) a Dog. Some one who goes through girls and trashes them till the find the ‘perfect’ one by THERE standers.give a piece of your mind. America may be a free country but he needs to watch was he does because carmas a beach

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