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Posted by on 2014/08/02 under Uncategorized

I made this really amazing friend a few months back. We had a lot of fun together. He is a guy. But we still talked a lot. We shared secrets and were almost best friends. But he never took out time for me. He would always do this and that. I always made an effort to talk to him. But after talking I would feel important. One day he stopped talking. I had no news about him. When he came back, I got to know that he had been away because he was dating someone. I know now that I was just a time pass for him. I wasn’t important at all. I should have known this way earlier. But I just diverted such thoughts then. So if he has a girlfriend, he will avoid such a close friend? I had so many hopes from this friendship. He hardly calls or texts me now. He spends all his time with her. Maybe I am annoying. Or maybe I am extremely stupid. I always say that I wasn’t so important, still I raised my hopes high. I feel hurt now. You aren’t supposed to leave such a close friend hanging, when you get a date. That’s so so so selfish of you.

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