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Posted by on 2014/08/02 under Uncategorized

why do I have to freak out about everything!.. Why does it have to get to me the way it does, why do I read into everything to much. Your in college and trying to have fun I know this. But its hard.. I trust you and I just want you to be safe but I cant help but worry about situations sometimes. You always have to have guys around you! It may not be by your choice but OF COURSE they have to be around you. one sitting next to you on the bus, two behind you and i can only bet as to there being two more in front of you.. “he just sat down next to me, it just Sebastian” yeah well i bet you didn’t even try and have one of your girl friends come and sit next to you.. Its like you want guys to be around you.. I dont get it, i wouldnt let something like that happen if it bothered you!

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