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Porn is ruining my relationship. I feel myself holding it against my boyfriend. Im like distancing myself and resenting him for it. Idk why. I think it’s more about the fact he knows I’m not okay with it but does it anyway.
It makes me feel like s*** :/ if he stops he’s going to be more inclined to cheating like?!– men are so stuuupidd like how is their even logic that?? I’m so tired of the excuse “men are wired that way” woman are very sexual human beings too but I don’t need to f*** everyone! F*** that s***
Idk what to do here. It’s really bothering me. But I know it’s something I have no control over…. I won’t leave him cus of this of course(in reality he’s not cheating).. But it’s hard for me to deal with and I feel all insecure. F*** stupid freaking guys I hate you all

4 thoughts on “Porn

  1. Anonymous says:

    all men watch porn, get used to it

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you have sex with him.

  3. moonlight says:

    try changing things up in the bed room. maybe hes into more exotic things?

  4. Br says:

    Ok ok ok. No no no. Not all guys do it. And if they do it should stop the moment they start a REALATIONSHIp. Anyone who says otherwise that is dead wrong. Dead wwrong.
    Not all guys do it. And the ones who do should be single, and that’s the only excuse. But the truth is I was a little addicted to it to. Its addicting. But once they find a girl they love, it might be hard for them to give it up but it shouldn’t be much of a decision. Beautiful real girl who’s there for him, or virtual disgusting make-amanhatehimself porn. If he can’t give it up help him. But if he doesn’t want to give up or doesn’t even try then your in a poisoned relationship. Sex isn’t quite the answer either, like the above comments might suggest. I don’t know the sure fire answer but I know there’s better answers than that. Sorry I can’t help much. But there you are.

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