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Hello I’ve just found this site and iam loving it cuz i’ve always dreamt of having a place to write in where there would be a human being to read it ;;that’s just awesome cuz i’ve been through alot of things in my life and there would be still more but i’m hoping that i can fix everything 😉 emm first to start writing i’m gonna talk about being bullied in the hih school i’ve had just the aweful days thre especially the first year when people started to call me names and say rumours about me for example they said that i was sexually abused which never happened anyway ;;that was a heart breaking things and that frustrated me so bad i just started to isolate my self from everything ;;iwanted to feel secured and safe so i started to be unsocial girl and i just cut every relationship i had with people and that was fine for me however you may say those bullyors have won well you’re defenently wrongs babies ;;i started focusing on my self and self-esteem and confidence ;;i’ve read alot of books;listened to amazing doctors i’ve just started to educate my self cuz i didn’t want to be a bad woman in the society i just wanted to be helpful and to spread love everywhere cuz i know how it feels to feel unloved and underdogged ,,so i helped my self and the ones i could help that was helpful for me too doing good in this world is awesome so unbelievably amazing so i had a feeling i never ahd before which is warmth in the heart and happiness and support from them that experience really taught me alot of things and here iam now confident and an achiever i’ve done alot of amazing things you know change is hard it really is ,,i’ve had alot of battles from everyone and everything but i kept seeking for happiness and success and the wanting to be a valuable person 🙂 i hope you ‘d enjoy reading my story 🙂

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