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I have been depressed for almost a year now. i’m not sure what set it off, but now i feel completely hopeless and lost. i break down at the slightest things. i spend entire days lying in bed trying to work up the courage to get up. I really need help, but i don’t know how to ask for it, since when i’m in public, or with my friends i put on a mask of cheeriness and jokes, so none of them know what i’ve been going through. i tried therapy, but i find it near impossible to open up about how i feel, especially to a total stranger. to distract myself from my emotions i spend most of my time on computers, watching movies, playing videogames etc. i always feel guilty when i do, but if i don’t then i just feel completely, mind-numbingly overwhelmed by sadness.

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  1. itsdarkinhere says:

    I’m kind of going through what you are. Don’t know how to get out of it either. I was great an year back, working, having fun, living the life I’d wanted.. and suddenly it all slammed into a dead end. Now I’m always tired and under confident and scared. I wake up in the morning and keep staring at the window shades. I don’t want to face the day. I write to distract myself. And I feel guilty too.. I’m throwing my life away. 🙁 Does therapy improve the situation? I’ve never tried and yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be able to.

  2. Jen says:


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