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first off I was in a relationship for two years, but its wasn’t the best cause we had problems and we fought all the time and he was pushing me away. I love him always have but this summer he broke me like broke my heart completely, what an a******, anyways he told me he didn’t want me no more and that he didn’t love me and that we were done. I was crying for 5 days straight till I couldn’t cry no more. but through that pain I workout out everyday and tried to make myself love me. I had someone when I was going through this he waited for me for 10 months. he the best this summer he took me out to our first date to the movies and it was fun to be around him and I started falling for him more than I expected, he was the one who told me how to forget him and let go. I did let go but my ex would text me and talk s*** about me on facebook like he didn’t give a f*** yet he got jealous over a photo of me and my booju. my exwould hit me up saying he missed me yet he didn’t know if he want me and he would leave everytime I took him back. I got tired and put my foot down, I was happy bit booju he made me remember how it felt to be treated right and how to care for someone. but I showed my love differently because I was use to pain. I didn’t tell him how I felt I felt bad that he loved me so much but I was afraid to let him in cause I thought he would hurt me and I pushed him out. now booju gone and I miss him like crazy and I wanna tell him but I know that he fine. now im talking to my ex and he an a****** and he trying to get back with me and I don’t want to I jut want booju to talk to me and fall asleep on the phone with me. my ex calls me a b****, a stupid or dumb b**** or a slutty ass b**** but yet I stay cause im use to him. I wish I can talk to booju but he doesn’t want me around I hate this feeling. I think I love booju but then again there my ex. but booju will only talk to me if my ex is completely out of my life and I think its never gonna happen. what should I do? how can I fix it? i hate being stuck. FML

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