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I get the idea of it and why guys masturbate to it. My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now and about 6 or 7 months ago I found out he watches porn on the regular. At first I didn’t know what to think it caught me a little off guard. Of course I felt a little insecure and started wondering if it’s because of me am I not hot enough? Is the sex boring? And eventually we talked about it and he described it do be something that he does out of boredem. But I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that my boyfriend watches porn. Some girls are cool with it and super confident. I on the hand am not :/

It kind of makes me a little mad because he’s finding pleasure watching other woman? I know he’s human and he’s man but damn. I really hate how us woman have to deal with little habits that men have even if they’re hurtful to us :/ I’ve read “it’s not good to try and stop your man from watching porn… He’ll resent you for it and do it anyway” like okay cool — so ill just live with this even though it hurts me. I also read that “if he were to stop that would just increase the chances of him cheating” like OMG I will never understand why it has to be this way. It’s like if they’re not cheating they’re watching porn.. If they are cheating, they’re cheating and watching porn. Like why can’t a guy just be happy with ONE woman the same way a girl can be happy with the one love of her life? Like it’s not fair 🙁 I freaking hate guys

Trust me I am 10000% straight I love guys. Especially mine!! But I’m not sure I like how I’m just suppose to deal with it. And this could be with any man cus they’re all the same… And watch porn haa like no matter how good of a guy you may have he’s still going to be a guy. If he’s not a guy that cheats he watches porn… Of course ladies would rather have him watch porn than cheat… But that’s just itttt, that shouldn’t be an option!! Why can’t one just be enough? :(( Does anyone agree with me? Or am I just crazy?

One thought on “Whats the deal with porn?

  1. moonlight says:

    Im a guy and i agree with you. i used to watch porn pretty much every day until i found this girl. she made me happy and i felt like i was betraying her if i watched porn. we also talked about it and understood that neither one of us would like it if the other watched porn. I understand the “doing it out of boredom” but he should still repect the fact that you dont like it.. he wont cheat on you for it, but he will be more clingy. chang it up in the bed room a little mabye her likes things a little more.. exotic?

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