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Day after day the same toast followed by the same sandwich like the tic of a clock incessantly marking my life slipping away with no distraction but the window which has become the bane of my existence showing me a world i can never be a part of
I would do anything to undo the damage that has been done and let me forget, let the memories of happier times that torment me slip away and end this horrid contrast of joy and sorrow the knowledge that there is something better makes me realise i live in the shadow of the world i hear it but can’t cry for help i can see it but will never know its feel or scent , in time the world will swallow me whole and all that will remain of me is the materials that my mind inhabited if only for a fleeting moment and were part of countless before me and just as many to come
My life is a prison of time and flesh and I just want it to end but like any prison there is a warden the world won’t let me return to oblivion because I don’t own myself all those who made the mistake of wasting time and resources on me now seek to lay claim, family and their associates and even their society seek to keep me bound to flesh and the moment they loosen their grip on me will be my last

3 thoughts on “my life

  1. Anonymous says:

    quit being a b**** and just kill yourself already

  2. Anonymous says:

    too long its probably s***

  3. itsdarkinhere says:

    I like what you wrote. You could be a decent writer.

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