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sadness? what the hell is it? it something that wont go away. it will never ever go away. it takes over your whole god damn body. it makes you give up. another word for sadness? Depression. I’m only a 14 year old girl, what am I doing with depression? only less then a year ago I tried to over dose on sleeping pills. because I was depressed, I was over whelmed. my dad is such a d*** towards me, and my mom barely even speaks to me, but is always in contact with my sister. she’s always been the golden child between the two girls. I hate what I am. I hate my body. I hate the ugly stretch marks, ill never be able to be famous. im not pretty enough. ill never have the hot guy. ill never be loved, like a girl should be. why cant I have the life ive always wanted? these tv shows where they show the perfect life for teenagers. its so f***ing misleading. Ive never seen a fat popular girl. its ridiculous. it bring little girls down. its also famous people. from my prospective I think they’re great, im not gonna lie I love Bieber. but never have I seen Justin Bieber with a fat girl, nor one direction, nor any f***ing famous people, and if you have read this, thank you for listening to my pointless rant,,

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  1. Lola says:

    Ok ummm, My dream is to become famous and I think that’s the dream almost every teen has.I don’t live in USA but I know teens there cut themselves.WHY??? I mean that’s only gonna bring you even more problems than u have. I’m also 14 and even though I’m not that fat I still get depressed about it,fatness is something that you can change if you only have the will and no girl is ugly.and I’m not a beliber or one directioner
    (I believe that’s how they say it right?) but
    I have idols I wanna meet someday and I’m working to become famous.Maybe it’s only one little step but I don’t care as long as I’m not giving up

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