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I feel empty and cold don’t think much and don’t do much. I feel dead and feel like dying all the time now CPS entered my life and I don’t know what to do about it I lived in new mexico but now in Indiana because some one call CPS on me and I have to stay in Indiana and I am depressed here all the time I cry every night and had a facebook to message my friends that I am now away from. Every night I want to die and cry myself to sleep. I am too weak to actually kill my self but I use to cut a lot not for the attention but for the reminder in hope that every time I look at them I will feel better about myself and tell me in my mind that everything will get better. Since then I have done nothing but want to cut and now I am in the middle I want to cut but am strong enough to not and soon want to die but I am to weak to I want to live on with my life but I try and look for my future but cant see one I lost the love of my life. My friends think I left them and I have people on facebook telling me to kill myself and its not making anything better I really hate life and miss my loved one and my mom. when I found out who called I was upset and depressed more then ever because I thought that person care for me and turns out they are just using me for money and it really hurts to be used again. My life has been nothing but a bad child hood with nothing to turn to now and the only thing people/ guys look at me as is a sex object to toss out later and I have never gotten a complement exept from my loved one I don’t under stand this world and I don’t want to be in it any more what should I do any sugestions

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  1. itsdarkinhere says:

    Don’t cut yourself. There is nothing more pathetic than harming your body and your soul yourself. If people are being mean to you then stay away from them. There’s a lot more to life than mean friends. And it’s not impossible to survive alone for a little while. I’m sure there must be SOMETHING you like to do, read? dance? sing? play games? or math? or anything! focus on that. focus on the good things in life. You’ll get through this. I just know it. You will. Don’t worry.

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