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I need to lose weight but I can’t… I f***ing hate my life sometimes…

5 thoughts on “fat.

  1. Jaden gorby says:

    sometime I feel the same way but you need to realize that people may judge but its the inside that always counts. its really stupid when you have people that judge you on the out side when the inside you can be more beautiful

  2. Anonymous says:

    Were all the same on the inside i used to feel that way to

  3. illylilly01 says:

    i feel like that all the time, and i always think my boyfriend might break up with me because of it… which is silly but its true but over the years iv learned to love myself and i’m not worried about my weight anymore i just pick out clothes that make me look slimming and clothes that make me look good, i also run alittle and its helped and i’m loving my body now… also boys seem to like thicker gurls anyways 🙂

    1. BrokenBody says:

      I’m not “thicker” though… I’m a few pounds above being underweight…..

  4. moonlight says:

    fat guys last longer in bed..

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