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Posted by on 2014/07/30 under Uncategorized

Unify. maybe im just desperately seeking approval, but try and hear me out. You ever notice how whenever we walk outside all animals lurking nearby flee? all different species? they don’t understand. you know what i don’t understand sometimes? why people don’t look out for eachother. we’re all on the same side here guys, whether we know it or not. just think about it. thats all i’m saying. Think about it and try to consider the possibilities. Now maybe this all might sound crazy, but i have something inside me that isn’t good. maybe it’s just a lack of strength on my part and im just trying to bring people down, bring them down so i can walk all over them, but now that i sit down and read this, that just sounds crazy. I just came from a rough family, a really rough family, with really bad people. not to mention some bad trips on drugs with some very bad influences around me stoking the negative thought fire, making me believe that all the bad things were true. My brother sucks. my dad was a heroin addict who hung himself around two years ago, the list goes on, and im just trying to keep my head above water. Thank you to whoever is reading this, and i hope you continue to keep the faith in yourself, in who you are as a person, with whatever the struggle you are going through.

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