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I have one little sister who I feel is the favorite one out of the two of us. I just feel very under appreciated compared to my sister. For example, on my thirteenth birthday, I invited ten friends, maybe twelve, and we just hung out at my house and ate dinner in my room. My sister’s thirteenth birthday is coming up and my parents rented a freaking gym or a room of some sort, ordered a card board cut out of her and bought her a 600 dollar acoustic drum box. Like she’s only turning thirteen! My mom says that you only turn thirteen once and you have to celebrate your first year of being a teenager when I had to deal with a s***ty movie and some s***ty food. I dunno, it may be just me, but I feel like I’m unwanted here. Also, whenever I get hurt or when I cry, they tell me to suck it up, but if my sister cries, they act like she’s on the verge of committing suicide! I don’t know if this is just because my sister is still a baby in their eyes or if it’s just because I’m older or maybe if it’s because my sister really is there favorite… I just don’t want to be around people who don’t give a s*** about me. Sometimes I need comforting too! I maybe overreacting and If I am, I’m sorry but I’m honestly tired of how much they praise my sister when they don’t even notice me. Sorry if I sound annoying I just had to put that out there because no one that I know would listen to me. If I confront my parents, They’ll just turn it around and blame me. I don’t know I just don’t want drama in the house, but I was tired of bottling up for a long time. So yeah….

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  1. physmer says:

    It’s hard like that, living for so long feeling lesser than the other… Parents are bad at balancing love between siblings close in age, and sometimes not close in age, younger daughters are often treated as princesses, compared to older brothers who are just naturally expected to help take care of the younger… Because that’s how it’s always been, and sadly, as long as we’ve lived, our mentality on the matter has not progressed all that far… You are justified, you aren’t lesser, they do love you just as much, they just never think that older brothers need that kind of care too… Parents often forget the small discrepancies of their youth… Take it in stride… And talk to them about it… Don’t yell or sound like your complaining, state the facts, and tell them you are hurt by it, even though you know they didn’t do anything wrong… “Even though I understand, everything you do and have done, for me has been much, and plenty, and with love… It still hurts me sometimes and I’m sorry for thinking that way” because that is what parents need to hear sometimes, jealousy is a human emotion even parents can get… Don’t forget that.

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