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Posted by on 2014/07/30 under Uncategorized

i basically ruined my life … my mom found out i did drugs obviously she took it away, but me in rehab and now she hates me… she wont talk to me she wont look at me, and when she does talk to me she yells at me… i know i did something bad but damn… ill stop but u don’t have to take everything away from me iv already suffered enough … the yelling the abuse her taking away all my friends my boyfriend my car my phones… everything… iv been clean for 3 weeks and a half now… i don’t feel any better … i just feel like s*** and i’m craving it more then usual… my mom drug test me every 2 weeks now for the rest of my life till i move out…. her doing this just makes me want to do more drugs… better drugs… f*** you mom i will find a way! not right now but i will later.

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