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Posted by on 2014/07/30 under Uncategorized

It seems to me that recently the world revolves around bad news and castatrophies. Or it is me who keeps looking for negative things? I don’t even afraid to admit that I’m afraid, I fear, that I’m feeble-minded and to some extent paranoid. I just hate it that I’m so weak, my reasonings are not well-thought and too subjective. Though I’m open to good logical arguments and easily intercept progressive ideas, I seem to swallow all the bulls***s that’s offered to me in any kind of way. I’m scared of mysterious things, so scared and so overcome with fear that I dare not to use all my self-supposed knowledge to make clear of them. That’s what I hate the most about myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m torturing myself all over again, looking for bad news and s***. The problem is that I read not to see through facts, but somehow subconsciously find some fear-mongering article, so that I can finally assure myself things are really bad. Yes, the situations are serious all over the world, and I cannot blame solely on sensationalism of journalism. Facts are to be admitted, but not to be feared. Instead I have to look at the real facts, that wars are happening, more wars may be going to happen, but then, after all, there’s ALWAYS the possibility of something happening, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to, nor will it come to a certainty to happen. It’s all possibility, and if you are scared, you would be scared for all your damn life. Not a single good moment, because all the good moments is eclipsed by your fear of something bad going to happen next. That’s irrational, and stupid. For once in your life, please be patient, be conscious and wise up a bit. What you need to care about, if you want to make some change, or contribute to a better world, is, at the least, you have to allow yourself to be happy. Share your burden, pour it out so it doesn’t become some obsession. Remember that what your believe at heart is the way to go, cheesy as it may sound, not what they proclaim it to be. Read less unescessary news, learn to filter through it, be open about it without being supersitious, but at the same time keep it calm and don’t cry out in denial. Believe in sense. Be calm and objective about it, not bats*** crazy and cowardly scared. All you can do to make it a better world, for the time being, is to live well, love your family, do the right things, be active and hard-working. If you consider yourself to have a good to great mind, and you want to be the one to change something for the better, better get yourself going with building some good habits and sobering up, not curling up in some corner fearing stupidly, irrationally and hopelessly. Believe it. There are hopes, there’s still time, be a strong girl you have always wanted to be. And most of all, if you want to find peace in the world, you have to find peace in your own soul.
That’s enough ranting for today. Promise me to sleep early and sound, untroubled, calmly and peacefully. It’s not like ignorant with bliss, but to be wiser. The thing is nobody’s gonna be wise enough to know everything, at least for now, but wiser people believe in being patient.

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